WATCH what you are DOING!

It’s TIP TUESDAY on ViDi Tips with Vanessa. What are we talking about here on ViewItDoIt? WATCH what you are DOING! What do we mean?

How many times have you shot, edited and distributed video on your phone, only to not go back and rewatch? Why? Personal insecurities, business insecurities, time, priorities, etc.? There are lots of reasons we don’t go back and re-watch old footage. And why would we? I hear you. That’s what you are saying. What is the point in re-watching old footage of yourself or others.

KNOWLEDGE. That’s right to learn and grow. By watching old footage of yourself and others, this allows us to learn and progress in a skill and trait. This doesn’t just have to do with videos. When we go back and re-read or re-learn something, it allows us to see things differently.

The same is true in video. Whether just learning or a professional, re-watching your video allows us to learn and grow. Perhaps we learn new lighting or sound techniques. Perhaps new ways to mount our camera or phone. But we learn every time we re-watch older video footage.

I have just as many “isms” as the next person. But re-watching footage, although uncomfortable allows me to take a second look at something. It is just as good as asking other’s for their advice.

So my tip of today on this ViDi Tip with Vanessa is to go back and re-watch old footage, whether live or recorded. Analyze yourself and others for how to get better. Ask others for their opinion. Jump all in and don’t look back.

Don’t be afraid of failure. Learn, grow, repeat. See you soon for another LIVE episode with me or Dr. Mark. And remember, are you ready to shoot, edit, and share video on your phone? Are you ready to take your LIVES to the next level? Check out our training courses to find out more!

See you soon. All LIVE! Thank you for watching this Tip Tuesday episode of ViDi Tips with Vanessa. A ViewItDoIt production.