The Unicorn Breeder – Live with Trish Leto!

It’s Memorial Day 2019, and we are honored and blessed to have Trish Leto online LIVE. The Unicorn Breeder, she helps entrepreneurs and businesses take five minutes a day to go LIVE and press LIVE with purpose. She wants to help people monetize their business and go from overlooked to overbooked. As a Navy veteran and 18 years in the mortgage industry, what are her tips to compete in social media? Use LIVE in 5-10 minute spurts:

  1. Introduce yourself (What you do. Why you do it. How you do it)
  2. Two to Three minute tutorial
  3. Answer questions/say hello to those watching
  4. Close (remind people why you are online and where to find you)

Do you wonder what to talk about? Her thoughts? Go to to find answers to what people want to know.

Please make sure to repurpose the content. Use it for LinkedIn, IGTV, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Use the audio for podcasts. Snapshots of the video for Instagram. We live in a community environment. Where people want to feel like they are part of something. Make sure to include people.

Also, don’t be afraid to mess up, for things to go wrong. Keep going. Life isn’t perfect. Don’t not go LIVE just because you don’t have the latest and greatest equipment. Sure invest in yourself down the road, but go LIVE to allow for communication. Go LIVE to allow for content to happen. Go LIVE and don’t look back.

And reach out to other people and collaborate with others. Don’t be afraid to talk to others that know more than you. Referrals are a great reflection on you. And be proud. Be proud of who you are and what you offer and bring to the table. You are the expert at something, so don’t feel like you need to hide that.

Please check out her full recorded LIVE footage here. We are honored to have her on ViDi Tips with Vanessa. You can find Trish Leto at: